Saitek has announced the launch of its Cyborg Rumble Pad. The Cyborg Rumble Pad is PC gamepad with a number of features that allow for personalisation and customisation.

The Cyborg gamepad features a new Cyborg "module", which can be unclipped from the pad and turned through 180 degrees to reverse the configuration.

The Cyborg Rumble pad features an FPS button which automatically sets up the pad's controls for typical commands found in most current FPS genre games, and Precision mode that changes the sensitivity of the pad’s left or right sticks to make aiming weapons easier and more accurate.

The controller setup includes, two quick fire triggers, two analogue triggers, an eight way d-pad, six responsive buttons and two analogue joysticks.

Saitek's Cyborg Rumble pad is available from direct from Saitek priced at £24.99.