Saitek has announced the availability of their new flight simulation kit - the Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant.

Saitek's Throttle Quadrant (£60) claims to upgrade the flight simulation experience and expands the number of controls for flight set up.

The quadrant contains 3 axis levers, is fully programmable and can be configured to control throttle and flaps, adjust elevator trim or fuel mixture, and used to engage reverse thrust during landing.

The throttle quadrants can be positioned to suit any cockpit requirements, with controls overhead or by their side.

Multiple throttle quadrants can also be positioned alongside each other and levers linked for better control of multiple engined aircraft.

The Saitek Flight Yoke, that will cost £140 and includes one Throttle Quadrant, has been developed with flight-sim enthusiasts and pilots for supposedly a more realistic experience.

All controls are fully programmable and within easy fingertip reach; a built in chronograph to time flight duration provides greater accuracy.

Saitek has announced that it will be showing off its latest range of flight sim equipment, including the Saitek Flight Yoke and the Saitek Throttle Quadrant, at The Flight & Train Simulation Show where demos will be given on 17 November.