The Gaming Collection has announced the UK launch of US best-seller the from the Ultimate Game Chair range, the "Renegade" Game Chair.

Gamers can connect their own wired controller to the chair, and the chair shakes, rumbles and rocks in time with the gaming action, headset speakers provide 3D sound whist ground-effect lighting adds that "extra dimension".

With reclining action for comfortable gaming, this gaming chair also converts into a relaxing massage-recliner complete with kick plate.

Other features include a headphone jack, audio out connections for other gaming peripherals, beverage and remote control holders and a pull out compartment for storage.

The Renegade is compatible with all games stations including Xbox, Xbox Live, PS2, PSOnline, Sony PSX, Gamecube and PC/Mac USB 2.0. Xbox 360, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and MP3 Players.

Now available and with delivery guaranteed in time for Christmas, the Renegade can be ordered for £225.