A recent survey in the States has revealed that more women own a games console then men.

The survey was hardly extensive - it questioned 1000 people, and was conducted online between the 7th and 11th of September but shows some interesting results.

Of those responding to JWT's "Denizens of Digitivity" poll, 44% of women said they owned a console compared to 39% of men.

Although such a small sampling is almost certainly not indicative of the States as a whole, it highlights the growing numbers of women getting into gaming globally.

Nintendo's Wii is cited as a console popular with women as its non-traditional gaming is light-hearted, fun and designed to appeal to groups not normally into video games.

The increase of dance-based and music games has also helped to grow the market for women.

"The idea of gaming being just for the 18-34 male set is now out of date", said Ann Mack, director of trendspotting for JWT.

"You're seeing women playing games like 'Dance Dance Revolution' and 'Guitar Hero' - women under 35 who want to do something fun and social."