We've reported on the existence of the F200, but GP2X.co.uk has now announced the release of the new updated version for the UK.

The GP2X-F200 updates include a touchscreen, new digital Dpad, a more robust new white case and all new touchscreen firmware. It is fully backwards compatible with the previous model.

The firmware contains a port of Mplayer, MP3/OGG player, Picture viewer and E-book reader, as well as five bundled games.

The original GP2X, with its dual ARM9 CPUs, was released in 2005 has now sold over 30,000 units, mostly in the UK and Europe.

Being the only open source games console and running Linux is has developed a large following resulting in several thousand software ports including Emulators such as MAME, classic PC games and well known media players.

One of the main uses of the GP2X is emulators as it can emulate almost all classic systems, such as Amiga, Genesis/Megadrive, PC, C64 and various arcade systems, you can also connect it up to a TV and play games on the big screen.

The new version is set to ship mid October, priced at £119.99. Preorders are being taken now at gp2x.co.uk - which gets you a special £5 discount.