Fans of the open-source GP2X handheld gaming console will be excited to hear that GamePark are planning to launch an entirely new unit this October.

The GP2X F-200 will have a DS-esque white finish as well as a DS-esque 3.5-inch 320x240 resolution touchscreen with stylus.

The new model will boast the same dual-core processors, 64MB of RAM, and SD card support and will offer the same retro-gaming emulator potential so popular on the current incarnation.

The gamepad is also getting a redesign from the protruding version in the current model to a more flush PSP-like pad.

The Linux-based handheld will play DivX, XviD, MPEG4, MP3 and OGG files and will be able to be used for e-books, photo-viewing, music, movies and games.

GamePark will apparently offer pre-loaded games including Blocked, GhostPix, Cavestory, Phishy, Ruck-Man, SQdef to get you started.

It's not been stated but we assume it will be battery-powered like the GP2X and the SDK will be available. No pricing quoted either - the GP2X is currently £120.

The current model has a very loyal, but niche fanbase - will this glossy makeover and touch functionality help it finally break through to the mainstream?