Capcom has announced that fans of the Street Fighter series will soon be able to while away hours on the train by playing the arcade classic on their mobile phones.

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition will be available for the mobile from September 2007.

According to Capcom the game has been faithfully reproduced from the arcade original, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and features 12 playable characters, each with a unique fighting style.

Along with favourites such as Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li, players can now also choose to fight as the four powerful “boss” characters; kick boxer Sagat, the levitating M.Bison, head-butting Balrog and the acrobatic Vega.

In order to be crowned the street fighting champion, players must master an array of special moves and combos, and defeat each opponent on their own national background.

As in the original in the fight to the top, gamers will travel to arenas such as Guile’s American airbase and Dhalsim’s Indian Temple.

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