The Bourne Ultimatum mobile game is now available on phones worldwide.

Vivendi promise that gamers and fans of the Bourne franchise will experience the intense world of Jason Bourne in this mobile title.

The journey will have players rushing through the streets of New York, Moscow, London, and Tangier as a rogue operative attacking waves of ruthless enemies both on foot and speeding motorcycle.

The game features a fully interactive environment allowing players to strategically use floors, doors, walls, and other features to take cover and wreak havoc on foes.

The game also features bright, vibrant graphics and newly reworked music from Robert Ludlum’s Bourne films.

With 16 increasingly challenging levels of non-stop action, players dispatch the numerous adversaries that pursue them.

The game features complex and exciting stages, and players have to run, jump, duck, and dive to survive.

Players have access to four highly potent weapons as well as the ability to engage in hand-to-hand combat, disarm enemies, pick up ordinary objects as weapons and use them defensively.

Grab your handsets and get going, the game is available now for a fiver.