MCV is reporting that Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket, is after a slice of the budget gaming market and could launch a range of titles as soon as October.

This would obviously see the games in store and ready for the big fat Christmas sales period.

It's a move that MCV claim will shake-up the value games sector in the UK, and follows news that Tesco is going to be selling its low price office software in more stores.

Tesco is apparently working with software licensing company Formjet to develop the new range of games.

"We’ve already been speaking to budget software publishers and when you mention the name Tesco they tend to jump at the chance", Formjet manager Graham O’Reilly stated to MCV.

"It has got to be products that are right for re-badging, more the middle-of-the-road titles or games bundles."

In addition to this initial launch of lower-end PC games, the supermarket is apparently also at the stage of considering re-publishing console titles.

O-Reilly added: "We are currently focused on PC, but judging by the response so far this could go anywhere. We will probably look to expand the range in October".