You're mobile phone is about to become a games controller in your pocket if a US company gets its way.

Called MegaPhone, according to its makers, the service "it is a real-time multi-player Collaborative Gaming Platform" for big screens in public spaces that uses your mobile phone as the key ingredient to controlling what is going on.

Already tested on the massive MTV HD screen in New York's Times Square, anyone can use any phone from any service provider as a game controller.

The system works, by allowing would-be gamers to join the game by making a regular phone call, and they can see their input (either voice or keypad) immediately on the screen.

Unlike more traditional methods of using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a downloadable application that runs on your phone, players play by dialling into a given telephone number and control their character via the keypad or the phone's microphone.

The technology means all companies need to do to feature the service is have a projector, an internet connection, a PC to run the software and good network coverage.

The company is hoping that the service will become popular at large venues such as football stadiums as well as gaming TV channels.