If you're into your gaming, want to sit in immersed in comfort and aren't the sporty type to bounce around playing on the Wii then Firebox.com thinks it has the chair on sale for you.

Called the Wireless Pryamat the gaming chair comes complete with built in speakers and a sub woofer underneath so you really feel those vibrations.

With multiple sources so you can connect an MP3 player for example if you want, and a volume control on the side of the chair you don't even have to get up to change anything.

New to the chair over other offerings on the market is a wireless dongle that fires the sound from your Hi-Fi without the need to have wires trailing all over your living room. You will need a power socket nearby however.

Available later this year, the Wireless Pryamat will cost £199.95 and is available from firebox.com.