Perhaps too close to home for anyone actually plagued with the destructive little blighters (or maybe a humane way to vent anger) this new mobile phone game offering encourages you to bash moles.

There's a Best Vegetable Garden competition fast approaching, and the game's baddie, Vlad Furry, has enlisted an army of mercenary moles to wreak havoc in your character, Sven Tomato's, garden.

Smash The Mole is quick and easy to get the hang of. Sven can move in four directions and mole bashing is taken care of with your phone's central key.

Smash The Mole joins Crazy Dog which is already available in the Garden Stories series developed by The Mighty Troglodytes.

They are Java games and are compatible with over 350 handsets, costs £1, follow the link below for more info.