This concept makes us feel weak and sweaty, and that's not due to any kind of cardiovascular stimulation.

The Gamercize Sport set-up blocks access to your games console - unless you are working out.

Gamercize Sport connects to your console's controller with a stepper or cycle and stops it working when you are not exercising.

It works with PlayStations one and 2, GameCubes and Xboxes.

There is a sensor on the Gamercize which detects movement on the exercise machine by way of magnets.

Who is behind these sick schemes? Wasn't the Wii enough of an all-out assualt against the couch potato gamer?

The site (link below) has lots of success story testomonials from fat kids, sorry we mean users, praising the system for giving them the motivation to exercise.

Well, if this is what it'll take to get you moving, then get ordering...

The Gamercize Sport gadget is £39.95, the Gamercize Power Stepper is £29.99 and the Gamercize Endurance Mini Cycle is £49.99, link to the site below.