In the development blog of the official site for forthcoming PC game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Neil Postlethwaite, the managing director of Splash Damage, the company behind the game, has confirmed that there will be "in-game advertising".

"For the last four years, we've put all of our effort into making Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. So, we're not planning to ship this game and walk away ... To help cover this level of on-going support without passing the costs on to the gamer, ETQW will feature appropriate advertisements in select locations of our levels."

"The ads aren't intrusive and you won't have to interact with them; they'll just be part of the normal environment. In fact, there are some places it's quite odd not to have an advertisement - the sides of container trucks, for example."

"Great care is being taken to ensure that all our ads are appropriate for the game world and we have absolute approval rights in this area. If it's not appropriate or it's distracting, it won't go in."

Postlethwaite goes on to reassure games that the advertisers won't have access to any private data and ends his post with:

"Choosing to place ads in Enemy Territory was not a decision we made lightly. However, in doing so we hope to be able to provide a higher level of on-going support to the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars community than would have been possible otherwise."

Gamers will be able to see the new adverts in the beta test version of the game that is live now.