Codemasters Online Gaming has unveiled details of its Dirty Dancing PC game, "a premium, action puzzler Casual Game" - due out in late-2007.

The teaser info on the official website says players will be able to "Work alongside the team at the Kellerman's resort, play through a fantastic variety of fun mini-games and earn camp dollars to purchase Dirty Dancing memorabilia, cabin furnishings, and the all-important dance lessons with Johnny and Penny. How will you fare in the end of season dance contest?".

First released in 1987, Dirty Dancing generated more than $170 million in worldwide box office receipts and sold more than 10 million DVDs. It was recently voted one of the Top Ten date movies of all time.

David Solari, Vice President and General Manager of Codemasters Online Gaming commented “Dirty Dancing is one of the most beloved movies of all time with millions of dedicated fans across the world! Dirty Dancing - The Video Game will make the perfect Christmas present for fans of the movie, and we are thrilled to be able to bring this much loved film to the video game world!".

Well, that's your girlfriend's/sister's/cousin's Crimble present sorted anyway...

Find out more and register for updates via the official site, link below.