The Russian design studio that are creating what must surely be the world's most expensive keyboard are gearing up to start taking pre-orders for their limited edition peripheral.

You can finally pre-order Art. Lebedev Studio's Optimus Maximus keyboard as of May 20, at 3.00pm Moscow time for the bargain price of $1564. We're not sure what that equates to in Russian currency, but it's a whole lotta rubles.

If you're wondering what in the world could possibly justify such a whopping asking price – all 114 keys are finished with tiny, customisable OLED screens.

Further specs won't actually be made available until 20 May, and as a word of warning it'll be a while before you get your keyboard after pre-ordering – the studio have set out a production schedule and will only produce 200 at the start of December 2007, 200 at the end of December and 400 in January 2008.