Bluetooth is becoming standard in many mobile as well as static devices, and soon you may be able to control them all with a wave of your hand.

Scientists at Engineered Fibre Structures have developed a glove that looks and feels like a normal glove but is able to beam signals to certain devices.

Each finger has an electrical contacts so that when you touch them they create a current and generate a signal.

The developers of the glove, which was recently patented, believe that the glove could be used in gaming applications in the future - imagine playing a Wii without even having to hold the Remote. It would be like something from The Minority Report.

It could also be used in rehabilitation and as a communications device.

Billy Hunter, the lead commercial director for the product, told The Engineer online, "The textile part of the glove is more or less done. If necessary, we can change the configuration fairly easily. What we need to do now is miniaturise the electronics in the Bluetooth".