EA has announced its first launch on to the Xbox Live Arcade with Boom Boom Rocket, a rhythm music game.

Designed by Pogo.com, and developed by Bizarre Creations, responsible for Project Gotham Racing 3 and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, the game will go live in the Spring.

Players must trigger rockets to the beat of the constantly-changing music while negotiating a 3D cityscape. If you hit the beat correctly, you get a better fireworks display.

All 10 tracks are original to the game and were created by Ian Livingstone.

Three modes of gameplay include Normal, Speed, and multiplayer head-to-head, while three skill levels ensure that everyone can find the right speed at which to play.

Players gradually unlock new firework designs by mastering each music track, while the online element comes in to play as they can check how their scores compare to other players.