Channel 4 Radio and The Cloud have announced a deal that offers Sony PSP users radio programming from 4Radio via Wi-Fi.

Launched to coincide with the beginning of Celebrity Big Brother on 3 January, 4Radio will provide radio programming designed especially for the PSP or other similar Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The service from Channel 4 Radio is being offered free of charge of two months, so that users can access and download 4Radio podcasts.

When a PSP user walks through The Cloud's coverage area, he or she will be able to access the radio content for free using a link on the browser's landing page. Viewing other web pages will incur normal The Cloud charges.

“For the digital savvy generation, too much radio programming feels tired and formulaic,” Nathalie Schwarz, Director of Channel 4 Radio, commented. “Becoming the first broadcaster to make radio content available wirelessly on PSPs will help 4Radio connect with a young, mobile audience, making our programming easily available whenever and wherever they want.”