Modern women spend almost 1 week a year playing computer games, according to a new survey.

The average woman spends 3 hours a week - or 6 1/2 days a year - playing on games consoles making the Frag Dolls (pictured) way above the average.

A third of the 2000 women polled have their own games console, a quarter use their partner's and 13% borrow their kid's.

But when it comes to playing against their partner, women normally come last and a mere 1% think they are better than men at playing computer games.

One in five women admitted to cheating and almost 10% have rowed with their partner while playing a game according to the poll.

And it seems like men really are better as half of women say they normally lose at racing games, a third gets beaten when they play fighting games and 25% come last in sports games.

But women shine in puzzle games as more than half say they are better at these than any other genre and 32% say they can normally beat their partner or children when playing puzzle games.

A staggering 79% say memory and brain power is better off from playing games and 86% have their hand-eye co-ordination has also improved.

Susan Quilliam, leading UK female psychologist added: "Contrary to popular belief women don't want fluffy themes in their games".

"Women's sensory perception and wider peripheral vision means they spot game elements more speedily and successfully than men do."

The poll was conducted for the new PSP game - Lumines ll.