Playing the action packed game of darts on your PC or PlayStation 2 is to become a reality, allowing fans of the pub sport to play to their hearts content.

World Championship Darts according to its makers "brings together the high drama of major championships with a control method that recreates the skills of a top arrows player".

For those in the know, commentary is provided by Sid Waddell and Sky Sports and you can either play with yourself or against an equally drunk mate. Failing that, there are 13 party games for up to four players.

But wait there is more; "The game presents the sport of darts in the way you're used to on TV, with dramatic close-ups capturing the excitement of the major competitions. Watch the camera zoom in on the treble twenty when a 180 is in the offing and see how the big moment affects a player's aim".

Offering both amateur and professional modes expect the game to be available in December.