After all the fuss about a lawsuit in a Florida court last week where a lawyer requested that a judge prevent the sale of Rockstar Games yet-unreleased Bully, a group of UK retailers have decided not to stock it.

Currys, PC World, and Dixons, all owned by DSG International PLC will not be stocking Canis Canem Edit, as the game is known in the UK when it's released here on the 27 October with a BBFC 15 rating.

A statement from Currys reads: “We have no plans to stock Canis Canem Edit. We're fully aware people will be able to buy this game elsewhere, but we feel this game is not appropriate for Currys' family-friendly image”.

“We have a good relationship with the game's producers Rockstar, and look forward to working with them going forward.”

A spokesperson told Gamespot that, “we realise that we've got other games that are more violent ... but we are a family store. The game is specifically about violence in the playground and that is the reasoning behind the decision [not to stock it].”

The stores sell 18-rated games, and PC World is taking pre-orders for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, as well as Grand Theft Auto 4.

Outlets that are stocking Canis Canem Edit include Game, Gamestation,, and even Woolworths.