Popular World War II game Medal of Honor is coming to Sony PSP.

Electronic Arts announced that Medal of Honor Heroes will be out by the end of 2006, and promises all new storylines through three campaigns.

The PSP’s wireless capabilities have given the game a new lease of life, as it can now support up to 32 players in multiplayer mode.

Six different multiplayer modes will be available within 15 different maps. Eight players can link up wirelessly for short sessions, and Quickplay missions are also available in skirmish mode so that players can quickly jump in on the action.

Three characters from previous Medal of Honor games reprise their roles on the PSP. Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson battles it out in Holland as part of Operation Market Garden; Sargeant John Baker, previously seen in Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough, is now in Italy; while Lieutenant William Holt returns to the Ardennes Forest for the Battle of the Bulge.

Twenty other classic characters are also hiding in the wings to be unlocked as play continues.

"The PSP-specific feature set, especially the 32-player wireless supported multiplayer, skirmish game mode, and unlockable characters are really what is going to give this Medal of Honor game an entirely new and exciting flavour”, said Mike Quigley, Group VP of Marketing at EA.