is launching the world's first virtual reality, 3D and Voice Chat enabled poker game this summer.

Combing VoIP with video gaming technology means that players across the world will be able to interact with voice whilst playing poker online.

Online alter egos will be fully customisable, with skin, hair and eye colour as well as clothing to be chosen by each player. Even body language and facial expression can be altered to bluff opponents. is also offering users a free, interactive, 3D tutorial given by Helen Chamberlain, worth £80.

No poker game would be worth playing without real money, so a unique lobby design will help each user find the right game and table. The virtual game also gives you hints and tips up to your level to help you decide your next move.

PokerWize claims that as a member of the poker network Prima, there will be more than 10,000 players online, so you're guaranteed to find an opponent.

And if you and your friends are too lazy to meet to play a game of poker, PokerWize lets you set up private games online with your buddies.