Reports fresh in from Australia state that the Xbox360 has had a record breaking week in its first week on sale in the country.

Although launched 4 months after US and UK gamers got their hands on the console that didn't stop Australians going out in their droves a get a piece of next generation console.

Within 4 days of its launch last Thursday a total of 30,421 Xbox360 consoles were sold along with over 60,000 games, according to the market analyst, GfK.

The previous TV console record was held by the Nintendo GameCube which shipped 9,190 in its first week on the shelves in May 2002, followed by the Sony PlayStation which sold 3,366 units over an equivalent period in November 2000.

The console even beat Sony's recent PSP handheld launch, albeit by a small fraction.

So what are Xbox360 gamers playing? According to the figures the top selling game was EA's Call of Duty, followed by Ubisoft's Ghost Recon 3 Advanced Warfighter and then Microsoft's Project Gotham Racing 3.