Retro gamers will be beside themselves on the news that game classic Lemmings will be coming to a PSP near them soon.

The classic puzzle game has been given a new lease of life with all-new levels, music, and wireless features on the handheld console.

First introduced to the world in 1991, this version will see players guide masses of hapless little green-haired creatures through various maze-like levels that have an entrance point and an exit point once again.

As before, Players will need to control the Lemmings to avoid doom and disaster, including the threat of raging rivers, steep cliffs, pits of lava, mechanical spikes, and flame-throwing turrets that threaten the Lemmings' safety.

Lemmings features more than 150 levels, including more than 20 all-new puzzles created specifically for the PSP. In addition, the game will host a new mix of music, custom level creation, and wireless capability to share newly created levels.

Exclusively for the PSP, an extensive level editor is available to allow players to create their own customised game levels. Additionally, players will be able to share their custom-created levels with others via Infrastructure mode and the wireless game sharing feature will provide players the opportunity to transmit samples of custom-created levels to others via Ad-Hoc mode.

The game will be available in May.