Those feeling guilty that another session of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City isn't really what their village vicar would like them to be playing on a relaxing Sunday when they should be in church can now take praise that a version of the bible is available for the PSP.

Created by Tim Ross, the Bible In Basic English for PSP is a HTML version of Bible In English, converted to suit the PSP web browser suitable for viewing on Sony's PSP handheld console so gamers can catch up on the books of Gensis to Job on the go.

The 2.8Mb file is available free from

a legal download site in the US.

Gamers looking to read the Bible, need to download the file and then follow the instructions to store the files in the correct folder on a memory stick.

According to Ross “the idea hit me in church one Sunday morning”.

He then searched the Internet, found a text version of the bible and then made a few modifications to the index file for EASY PSP navigation.

You can download the file