Launched in March last year against competing models from Nintendo and Sony, the owners of the Gizmondo handheld games console that promised a host of features including GPS and a digital camera alongside a state of the art games console has gone into liquidation according to the hardware site of The Register.

Tiger Telematics, its parent company failed to persuade the English High Court to put the subsidiary into administration.

Gizmondo Europe was still offering consoles and related products for sale via its web site, however, the company's high profile showroom on London's Regent Street was closed yesterday.

The court hearing took place on Thursday, 2 February after being adjourned from Tuesday, 31 January. According to RegHardware, “The court ordered Gizmondo Europe to be wound up and placed the remains in the hands of joint liquidators David Rubin & Associates and Bigbee & Traynor”.