Next time someone calls you fat and lazy for playing video games, tell them to stop it and say that you have a GameRunner connected to you games console.

What's a GameRunner? It is a game controller that fuses the technologies of exercise and video gaming in one.

Based around a treadmill and used for playing first person shooting games, the idea is that you have to walk around levels on the running machine to get around on screen in the game.

The controller is a set of handlebars that the user steers and aims with as they walk around. This is much like riding a bike. The triggers and buttons can be configured in game to whatever preferences the user has for interacting with the game world.

The movement on the machine is supposedly replicated in game meaning if you decide that you need to run out of trouble you'll actually need to run in real life.

The GameRunner plugs in to your USB port and functions as a keyboard and mouse. The entire unit draws all the power it needs through USB. Aiming with the handlebars controls the mouse, and walking on the treadmill controls the keyboard. Right-hand controller buttons are designated as mouse buttons and left-hand controller buttons are designated keyboard buttons. Treadmill motion is measured optically and movement keys follow internal 'steps' that the GameRunner sees with treadmill motion to allow for the in-game movement speed to correspond with treadmill speed.