American's hoping to get their hands on a Gizmondo games console at the end of the week will be disappointed to hear that Tiger Telematics, the owner of the console has pushed back the launch until October citing delays with GPS software and functionality.

Tiger Telematics are hoping that the delayed launch will mean a bigger offering of games when the console does eventually launch. The manufacturer is also hoping to sell 500,000 units in the American market in the fourth quarter.

Carl Freer, Co-founder and Chairman, Tiger Telematics, added: "We're mindful that North America is a hugely influential and strategically important market, and we're determined to package every aspect of the US launch to succeed. Right now this means a short term delay, but the benefits clearly outweigh any criticism we may have to face."

Meanwhile in the UK, the company is hoping to boost sales in the run up to Christmas with the announcement that you'll be able to buy the handheld console in Argos, Comet and HMV.