While the Xbox 360 and PS3 battle it out for hardcore gamers, Bandai is hoping to appeal to pre-school children with a device that will plug into a standard DVD player.

Called Bubble, the device is a wireless unit that works with a household DVD player and TV to create an edutainment centre for the home.

There are six launch DVD titles including leading BBC children's programmes Teletubbies, Tweenies, Fimbles and Balamory, Noddy from Chorion and HIT Entertainments' Thomas & Friends.

Each DVD title has a set of unique games that sit naturally within the narrative of the story and are specially designed to compliment the style and tone of the individual programme whether it be Fimbles or Noddy.

Featuring easy to use lighted buttons, a touchpad and audio prompts, Bubble provides fun feedback to the child helping to improve a key range of recognised pre-school skills such as Numeracy, Literacy, Personal & Social Development, Music Skills, Physical Development, Creative Development and Knowledge and Understanding of the world.

Each title comes with its own interactive activity book and game cartridge so that play can be saved at any point and revisited later on. Bubble can also be used as a portable stand-alone console allowing away play (for example in the car) using the smart cartridge and book.

The Bubble console which comes with one DVD game is priced around £60. Additional DVD games, priced around £17 each.

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