It was bound to happen. The limited edition faceplates lovingly given our by Microsoft to attendees of the Xbox 360 launch press conference have already started appearing on ebay.

The E3 faceplate limited to only 5000 was being bid as high at $165 on eBay, despite the fact that it will be at least five months before users get their hands on the successor to the first Xbox.

Only 5,000 of the white-and-silver faceplates, designed with thin green circle lines, were handed out at the event and each of them numbered within the 5,000 run.

One eBay seller claimed “This is an awesome collector's item for any die-hard Xbox fan, and the next best thing to actually being able to attend the big announcement :) Plus you can own a small piece of the next generation of games systems way before the general public!”

One of the unique features of the console over competiting models from Sony and Nintendo is the ability to change the face plate so you can match the console you're your surroundings.