In an attempt to boost flagging opinions of the Gizmondo handheld, its owners have announced 89 games are in development, including titles from Microsoft, Disney Buena Vista, Ubisoft, Team 17 amd Fathammer.

Many of these new titles will be subject to their own announcement releases, however, Gizmondo has suggested examples from the 2005 catalogue that include:
Richard Burns Rally, Battlestations: Midway, Carmageddon, Conflict: Vietnam, Age of Empires, Mech Assault, It's Mr Pants, Colours and Chicane.

The Gizmondo is powered by Microsoft Windows CE operating system, has a 2.8-inch TFT colour screen with a Samsung ARM9 400Mhz processor and incorporates the GoForce 3D 4500 NVIDIA graphics accelerator. The unit offers gaming, multimedia messaging, an MP3 music player, Mpeg4 movie playing capability, a digital camera and a GPRS network link to allow wide-area network gaming. Additionally, it contains a GPS chip for location-based services, is equipped with Bluetooth for use in multiplayer gaming and accepts SD and MMC card accessories.