The makers of the new handheld console Gizmondo, that launched this weekend might want to think that's it's a contender against the might and power of Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP when it launches in the UK later this year, however with its first weekend sales amounting to just 800 units, its got a long way to go.

Sources close to the company and details leaked on the internet suggest that whilst the company was keen to lay on a large launch party with stars from music and screen the opening weekends sales didn't match up to glitter and expectations.

Commentators are putting down the lack of interest down to the price and the fact Nintendo launched its handheld console just one week before.

The Japanese gaming company managed over 72,000 sales of its handheld console - the DS - priced at just £99. Sony likewise is expected big sales for its opening weekend when it launches in the UK later in the year. So far it has sold 1.3million units of its PSP player in Japan and is hoping of even higher sales when the unit launches in the US later this week.

The Gizmondo is priced at £229 and available from online or from its Regent Street store.