Having just got through a number of bank holiday's surely its time for another. Gamers across the land are pitching to have their own bank holiday called Winter-een-mas.

In essence, according to the


, it's a holiday for gamers held every year. Lasting for seven days between 25 - 31 January.

Invented by Tim Buckley of comic strip Ctrl+Alt+Del the holiday is entering its third year.

To celebrate all you have to do is wish people Winter-een-mas, wear game related stuff during the week of winter-een-mass and play games.

If you are feeling very generous you can even give other people games or gifts that are handmade.

Jim Radford, who has been celebrating winter-een-mas for the past two years commented: "I plan to spend this years winter-een-mas playing games with my two daughters. Happy winter-een-mas everybody"

More information on the holiday can be found