Tiger Telematics may have only just started shipping the Gizmondo gaming console, but are already setting its sights on the next incarnation of the device.

Called the Bizmondo, the console will share much of the functionality of its entertainment oriented cousin and features GPS, GPRS, MP3, MPEG4 movie player, but will have a more business edge to it.

The move follows Tiger Telematics integration of a business software package called AltioLive software. The aim is to turn the Bizmondo into the ultimate mobile trading tool and access point for the business user. The initial development, Bizmondo Smartphone, will be an all-in-one device that offers the flexibility and facility of a hand-held computer, and the communications ability of a mobile phone.

The news comes on the back of announcement that Gizmondo will be opening a flagship store in Carnaby Street London in the next month.