Gizmondo the device that hopes to steal both Nintendo's and Sony's wind has announced the launch date for its handheld console.

Launching in the UK first and then worldwide thereafter, the handheld will launch on the 29th October two days before Halloween with stock expected to hit UK stores within the week.

According to Gizmondo “At its heart is a games function of ground-breaking quality”.

However seeing an early pre production model we feel the Halloween launch date is because the device is frighteningly bad. A poor screen, graphics, digital camera, and the need to pay to be connected to play with other players makes this a shocker worst than the Nokia N-Gage.

Alongside the games, Gizmondo also offers a range of entertainment possibilities. The device encompasses a MPEG movie player, an MP3-player, SMS and MMS communication via a sim card, GPS-navigation and a VGA resolution digital camera.