DSG, encompassing PC World as well as Currys and the eponymous chain, pulled the game Manhunt from its shelves in all versions in response to its being blamed in a murder of a 14 year old by a 17 year old. Warren Leblanc, 17, of Braunstone Frith, Leicester, on Wednesday was jailed for life of 14-year-old Stefan Pakeerah in February 2004 when he pleaded guilty.

Stefan's parents claimed Leblanc had been obsessed by the game but that view isn't shared by developer Rockstar North or researchers, since the games are BBFC Certificated and clearly display 18 symbols. The trouble is, as any thirtysomething who watched Arnie movies in their teens knows, is that certificates are rarely enforced.

Today GAME joined Dixons in following this move "as a mark of respect" and of course, to fend of future legal action, and currently WH Smith is deliberating but has yet to reach a decision.

With the internet people can still buy the game if they wish, but they'd need a credit card which would be default proof of being aged 18. Unlike the GTA games, Rockstar North doesn't even have the defence of a good game for us to share any sympathy for the way they've sailed so close to the wind with Manhunt.