Vivendi Universal Games announced today a worldwide multiplayer test for the upcoming real-time strategy game, Ground Control II: Operation Exodus.

Signups have already begun, and will continue through the Multiplayer Beta start date of March 8th. The test will allow gamers access to two maps in Ground Control II, along with two tutorial maps. Both of the playable factions in the game, the Northern Star Alliance and the Virons will be available to players. Those chosen for the Beta program will need to download a 300 Mb application at the Ground Control II website, which will include software to play over the GameSpy multiplayer network.

Gamers interested in joining the test can visit to fill out the online application. From the applications, five thousand players around the world will be chosen to participate, based on their computer's specifications.

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus was very impressive when we saw it at ECTS last year and combines the fast-paced action and stunning graphics of an action game, with the tactical thinking of a real-time strategy game. In a departure from traditional RTS games, Ground Control II: Operation Exodus focuses on tactical combat with minimal time spent on resource management. Instead of harvesting resources and building bases, the game keeps the action hot and heavy by immediately rewarding players for accomplishing objectives. Additionally, the unique multiplayer drop-in mode allows players to instantly join an ongoing game at any time, for any length of time.

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus chronicles the ongoing conflict between the Northern Star Alliance and the Terran Empire. Having lost the war in space, the NSA retreats to their homeworld and forces the Terran Empire to engage in a savage war of attrition on the ground. As a commander in the field, players can command a task force consisting of infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft alone in the single player campaign or with other players via LAN or Internet.

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus will be available in June 2004 for the PC. For more information, log on to For the direct link to the beta testing site visit: