"All over bar the shooting" would be an unfortunate way to view the events at a recent Counter-Strike Gaming Tournament organised by CXG. Let's let Joseph F Hill of CXG take up the story in his own press release;

At 4:30am (CST) I was informed by CXG staff and representatives of Gamers X of a disturbance that took place outside of the Gamers X facility. In response to this event I have prepared the following statement, which is based upon police reports, research, and information gathered to date from those involved, I prepared this type of response because I believe it important to the community that these actions be revealed and discussed:

Late last evening following the completion of a match involving two Los Angeles based teams a fight was initiated outside of the Gamers X LAN Center, host of the CXG Los Angeles Qualifier; upon learning of the disturbance Chris Hill of CXG, and my son, was asked to try and resolve the matter and stop the fighting; as he broke up the fight he and others were jumped by people associated with Team BZ. As Chris, and others attempted to calm the situation a member/associate of Team BZ ran to his car opened the trunk of the car grabbed a gun and placed it to the head of Chris Hill while other Team Members and associates encouraged the person with the gun to fire!

Upon hearing of this situation and the facts surrounding the disturbance I immediately expressed my concern regarding the safety of my son as well as those players and staff involved with the event. I also began to inquire about the ability for local authorities to ensure the safety of those involved, at which time we were informed that until the people involved were arrested that no such assurances of safety could be provided. At this time I became very uncomfortable with anyone's ability to stop an additional act of retribution by those involved and requested the staff of Gamers X to stop the event and cease all tournament functions. The staff and ownership of Gamers X agreed with this position and players were informed.

CXG would like to express our appreciation to the staff and ownership of Gamers X with regard to the way they handled and managed this situation. Their thoughtful presentation of suggestions and actions is appreciated.

While this is a deeply disturbing and personally frightening situation I currently attribute this matter, and the despicable actions of those who initiated and presented the weapons, to the moral fiber and character of the local community rather than the games and players who will suffer due to the actions of a these few.

It is the position of CXG that threats and actions such as the ones presented last night unduly bring criticism and scandal to the gaming community and reflect poorly upon what we believe, in general, to be a great group of kids and young adults. However, we are also unwilling, unlike some other organizations in gaming, to hide our heads in the sand and act like these type of issues are not present within the community, someone has to step up! This is now the second time within the last 4 months that Chris has been exposed to verbal and physical harm by people associated with PC Gaming. While the severity of the first case does not reach the depth of this most recent situation, adults with supposed control of their acts conducted both.

It goes without saying that CXG scrapped that leg and banned the teams, and it wouldn't surprise me if the "further heightened security presence" at their next LAN will take the form of metal detectors and car searches before players even get inside the building. Hill deserves praise for standing up to be counted and not allowing the negative headline writers sieze upon the issue of gaming and violence- and for also being willing to continue his business.

The mentality of people driving around with guns in their car boot is already far enough removed to make the games they play an irrelevance, but there are too many pressure groups, particularly in America, willing to push their own censorious agenda off the back of this happening. Unlike the Bulletproof Xbox story, no shots were fired; but the threat was serious enough. With any luck the cause of PC gaming hasn't been set back too far thanks to this management of the story.