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(Pocket-lint) - There were two bonus map sets from Epic and Digital Extremes and then the Ownage Compilation of maps handpicked by the lead designer Cliff Bleszinski. Now the map making community have released another pack of dangerously well polished maps and with Epic Megagames' approval.

The mission statement reads;

Here's the deal on the 142 MB (Umod) or 130 MB (zipped) pack: "This compilation began as a small project. A few of the Unreal community's best level designers got together to release a small pack of their best work to the community. As the time went on, the project grew into something far more significant, with more and more of the best Unreal talent out there joining the team. The map count went from a small handful to a fully-fledged professional-level bonus pack. With all this pack now complete, the team has decided to work on a number of future projects together to produce high quality work that will get noticed throughout the design community."

We think the game's pretty hot and now that the 2004 variant has been delayed to next spring in the UK, it's the perfect timing to release something that will get people reinstalling if they had put the game aside for a while.

The official website and links to downloading the Community Bonus Pack (CPB) are loctated here;


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