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(Pocket-lint) - Now that the double virus panic has died down, running hand in hand with the arrest of the Blaster Worm creator in the States, The Sims are back at the top of the charts, but Mcaffee's targeting of Symantec on price has sent Virus Scan 7.0 to the middle of the chart.

Meanwhile Spring console conversion GTA Vice City re-entered the top ten and newest top ten entry, MS Flight Simulator, both conspired to steal the Sims' traditional fourth and fifth chart entries, meaning either Sims fans are content or maybe even they've had enough and are now awaiting the sequel rather than giving the final add-on pack the same kind of stellar sales of the original and other four additions.

Despite not topping the charts, this still left four antivirus-related pieces of software in the week ending the August Bank Holiday, so the cleanup continues all over the country for tens of thousands of home users.

Elsewhere, prospective drivers outnumber gamers as the Driving test theory software sits on top of the PC budget “games” charts, and Norton's AV software packages are down to 12 and 13 out of 20 compared to console software (thankfully no-on`written a virus for those yet), with the Driving Test software holding at 18.

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Writing by Kenneth Henry. Editing by Stuart Miles.