Elden Ring tips and tricks: Hints for getting started with FromSoftware's latest game

Elden Ring can be really tough - here are some quick tips to help! (image credit: From Software)
The way that levelling up and experience works in Elden Ring means that you can build a character to your own specifications over time - so don't worry! (image credit: From Software)
Next to a seated ghost in the first cave you visit is a hole - the entrance to a tutorial area with combat instructions and some key control scheme pointers. (image credit: From Software)
Do a web search to find out about the starting gifts in detail, but we recommend picking Golden Seed for an early healing upgrade. (image credit: From Software)
In the early game, there's a field with five trolls in it in the Stormhill area, in the North of the map. This is an ideal place to farm runes on horseback. (image credit: From Software)
Elden Ring offers you two ways to summon help while you're in challenging areas - Spirit Ashes and co-op summons. Both can change even the toughest fight. (image credit: From Software)
You can put markers down on your map and they're a great way to keep track of NPC locations. (image credit: From Software)
Holding down the up or down button on your d-pad will skip you straight to whatever is in the first slot, a huge help in frantic fights. (image credit: From Software)
Iif you've collected enough Runes to level up a couple of times then you should be wary of pushing into dangerous or unknown fights. (image credit: From Software)
It will take a few hours to unlock, but once you can access Roundtable Hold you can change your look. Just head into Fia's room and look for a cloudy mirror. (image credit: From Software)