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(Pocket-lint) - Street Fighter 6 is on the way - we've waited a long time for news about what's next for one of the most famous franchises in gaming, and now we know that a new mainline entry will arrive soon.

We've seen some gameplay footage and there's a release window fixed, so keep reading to find out all you need to know about SF6.

Street Fighter 6 trailers and release date

The first teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6 was revealed in February 2021 after Capcom published a mysterious countdown a few days earlier, and you can view it below.

It doesn't give us much to go on and is entirely CGI from what we can tell, but did offer up a logo for the game, which is a major departure in terms of style from previous titles. It's been the subject of a fair amount of online ridicule already.

In June 2022 we got a more substantial look at the game, including confirmation that it'll come out in 2023, thanks to the longer gameplay reveal below.

Street Fighter 6 platforms

Thanks to a now-detailed official website for the game, we know that it's going to be a cross-platform and cross-generational release, starring on PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC, but also appearing in a less graphically appealing form on Xbox One and PS4.

After all, fighting games are all about frame rates and precision, so it's not too much of a problem to crank the settings down low and make sure that the game is available for the widest possible audience when it launches.

CapcomStreet Fighter 6: Everything we know about SF6 photo 3

Street Fighter 6 story and roster

Story is a bit of a loose word when applied to Street Fighter, which does have lore and backstory for its characters, but typically doesn't focus too much on campaigns and story modes, compared to some of the more melodramatic alternatives in the fighting game scene.

We'd expect that to continue to be the case, but there is also going to be a solo World Tour mode that lets you try out different fighters and styles. For the first time, it looks like it might include a free-roam mode in third-person, which could be a major shift for the series.

We know at least five of the game's final roster - classic fighter Ryu and DLC character Luke are the two facing off in the game's first trailer, while Chun-Li and Jamie are also in the later showcase. A later trailer showed off Guile's new look, too.

The game's full roster might also have leaked just after the June 2022 State of Play showcase, too - with 2D illustrations of the game's characters seeming to lay out its entire cast. Of course, we'll have to wait to see if these are accurate once Capcom shows off the roster in a more official way.

CapcomStreet Fighter 6: Everything we know about SF6 photo 4

Street Fighter 6 gameplay

The gameplay showcase trailer from June 2022, and the official website, have confirmed that Street Fighter 6 is changing a little when it comes to controls and gameplay, apparently simplifying things.

The Drive system will let you charge up powerful attacks right from the start of a round, but using up your charge will be a risky move leaving your character burnt out for a time.

A new "Modern" control scheme will also let beginners play without needing to memorise combos and chains, which sounds handy for newcomers, while the classic control scheme will be there for experts.

One big detail for fighting game fans is that the game will have rollback netcode along with full crossplay, which should make online bouts more reliable and easy to find than ever.

The Battle Hub online mode will let you take on all comers and climb rankings, while World Tour is the aforementioned singleplayer campaign that we're interested to see more of. It will apparently feature multiple open-world areas for you to move around and explore between fights.

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The game will also feature commentary as you fight for the first time thanks to a new system that aims to add flavour to your fights.

That's a welcome touch that could make it more exciting to both play and spectate games in Street Fighter 6.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.