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(Pocket-lint) - More bad news for handheld consoles following the delay of Valve's Steam Deck, the wacky hand-crankable Playdate console will be delayed until 2022 as well.

Originally planned to land with pre-order customers in late 2021, issues with the CPU and battery have resulted in a delay.

In a message sent to pre-order customers, Panic said that upon testing its first 5000 units "We quickly became concerned that some of them weren’t giving us the battery life we expected."

"Playdate’s battery is designed to last a very long time, and always be ready for you, even if not used for a while. But that was not the case. In fact, we found a number of units with batteries so drained, Playdate wouldn’t power on at all – and couldn’t be charged. That’s a battery worst-case scenario."

If that wasn't bad enough, the chip shortage then reared its ugly head too. Meaning the original CPU planned for the Playdate was no longer available, forcing a change to a more readily available CPU and, in turn, a redesign of the circuit board to accommodate it.

Panic assures its pre-order customers that their place in line hasn't changed. It expects the first 20,000 orders to be fulfilled in early 2022, with orders 20,000 to 50,000 land in the second half of 2022.

You can find out more about the Playdate console on the official website here.

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Writing by Luke Baker. Originally published on 12 November 2021.