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A500 Mini is the Amiga mini console you've always wanted

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Retro Games
  • Coming "early 2022"
  • Priced at £119.99 / €129.99 / $139.99

(Pocket-lint) - Retro Games has announced it is following up its mini console based on the C64 with another reimagined Commodore machine: the Amiga.

The A500 Mini is coming early 2022 and will feature 25 Amiga gaming classics, including Worms, The Chaos Engine (by The Bitmap Brothers), and Simon The Sorceror.

You will also be able to side-load additional Amiga games onto the mini console using a USB stick, with full WHDLoad support and multiple options.

Saving and resuming games is made easier than ever, while the machine features emulation of the original A500 (OCS), Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) and the Advanced Grapgics Architecture (AGA) of the more powerful A1200 model.

As well as the small Amiga-inspired console, you will get a 2-button mouse and 8-button precision gamepad.

The A500 Mini will also work with an external USB PC keyboard.

"In this initial mini version of The A500, we have created what we believe gaming fans will love, and will see as the evolution of mini games consoles," said the managing director of Retro Games, Paul Andrews.

The A500 Mini will be priced at £119.99 in the UK, €129.99 in Europe, and $139.99 in the US.

You can still find the C64 Mini available online, often for a bargain price these days.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.