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(Pocket-lint) - The next game shaping up to be a blockbuster from Krafton is PUBG New State.

The new title from the publishers of the hit PUBG: Mobile game has been teasing its latest title for some time, drip-feeding information about what to expect from the forthcoming mobile game.

Now there's a backstory to flesh out the details, thanks to a short story published by Krafton.

New State is set in 2051, and we'd previously heard that the action is centred around a town named Troi. That fictitious town is on the outskirts of Lansing, Michigan, which is where the action is based.

The short story pains a picture of the world that sounds familiar: it's typical dystopian stuff, but picks up on many contemporary fears - the impact of climate change on the landscape (there's mentions of most of Florida being underwater), while the world that New State plays out in is plagued by the breakdown of normal society.


There's hints in the backstory of the fears that the pandemic sparked, about the failure of supply lines and how things start to collapse when these systems fail. There's also a mention of "a ship blocks a canal", a nod to the Ever Given Suez Canal incident.

The actual tipping point that leads us into the universe the game occupies is the failure of the US to service its national debts, goes bankrupt and everything basically collapses. Civil society implodes and breaks down into a run of factions.

That's what the short story really focuses on, with various groups in Michigan trying to either regain power or restore some type of order. We learn about the Great Lakes Coalition (GLC), Mayhem and New State.

Each faction fighting against each other, each with different aims - some wanting to restore society, some wanting to reboot society, some just looking to get rich.

But thanks to a casualty, we learn that a new force has appeared on the scene, one that doesn't appear to have the restraints that affect others - well equipped, and with another purpose - which seems to be to run the game.

We hear of hunters in Troi wearing gold masks just coming in and wiping everyone out - setting the scene for the next installment as we build up a picture of what's happening in PUBG New State.

There's space for more stories, as well as sections on the website for factions, suggestion that faction play might have a part in New State when it does launch.

The launch has always been promised for 2021 and with more content appearing, we can't be far from learning exactly when we're going to get to play this futuristic battle royale title.

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Writing by Chris Hall.
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