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(Pocket-lint) - Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment will be broken up as part of owner AT&T's sale of WarnerMedia to Discovery.

The telecommunications giant outlined in an official post that the gaming studio's parent will merge with Discovery to form a new standalone company that aims to become "one of the largest global streaming players".

The exchange is expected to complete in 2022, and though WB Games wasn't directly referenced in the announcement, a spokesperson told Axios that the deal will see the division's 11 studios broken up.

To what extent these are split is currently unknown, but there are plenty of projects and big-name titles involved.

WB Games accounts for six of the 11 - with studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Boston and Montreal - though Rocksteady (makers of Batman Arkham and Suicide Squad), Monolith (behind both Middle-earth titles), NetherRealm (Mortal Kombat), Avalanche Software (Hogwarts Legacy) and TT Games (Lego titles) are also included.

“Some of the gaming arm will stay with AT&T and some will go with the new company,” they said.

And, at present, that's all we really have to go off. However, we do know that these kinds of deals can progress and change rapidly. 

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After all, it was only last June that AT&T put Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment up for sale, only to take it off the market a few months later suggesting that it was "too valuable to unload during its effort to pay down debt and streamline". 

Whatever happens to the studios over the coming months, here's hoping that the projects and titles in progress don't suffer too much upheaval.

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