(Pocket-lint) - Bungie's work on Destiny and Destiny 2 has catapulted it right back into the bigtime, and its split from Activision a couple of years ago has freed it up to be a bit more autonomous in terms of choosing what it works on.

With a hit like the Destiny franchise on its hands, that hardly means it's likely to drop everything and just go for something entirely new, but there have been multiple indications in the last few years that it's cooking up something novel. 

Now the developer is looking to expand by opening a new studio entirely, in Amsterdam to give it more of a base in Europe, as well as aiming to double the size of its main studio in Washington, all with the view to being able to work on more at once.

The statement laying this all out is pretty business-like, so doesn't exactly go into detail on new franchise plans, but it does confirm that Bungie will aim to work on projects "outside of the Destiny Universe" using the extra resource.

It wants to bring this new IP to market by 2025, it would seem, so it's presumably going to be spinning up fairly soon if it's working to a AAA development timeline. 

That could be literally anything, of course, and there's no indication on genre or gameplay type, but Bungie's more than earned the sort of reputation that will have fans thrilled by the prospect of literally anything it decides to make. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.