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(Pocket-lint) - Twenty years is a mighty long time in the world of gaming - empires have risen and fallen, companies have exploded and disappeared, and console generations have passed in the blink of an eye.

Yet, through the last twenty years, some mainstays of the industry have been continuously working and improving, none less than Steelseries, master of gaming accessories. It's been a fan favourite for ages now, as well as an absolutely fixture in the esports scene, and is celebrating its twentieth birthday with a good look back at its roots. 

It's created a superb series of videos looking back at where it came from, and we've got the best ones right here for you to check out.

Headset geniuses

We absolutely love Steelseries' headsets - you'll find them near the top of all of our gaming headset buying guides for good reason, but that sort of success doesn't just come out of nowhere.

All the way back in 2004 it added a microphone to its headset to make for an all-in-one communication solution, and it hasn't looked back since. Now Steelseries' Arctis line of headsets has some of the clearest microphone audio going, and a bunch of them let you hide the microphone away easily when not in use. That's the sort of tangible progress we love to see. 

Gaming mouse game changers

While Steelseries caters more and more to console gamers with unbelievable headsets and accessories, its heartland has long been the PC market, and the mouse is an obvious key to that whole sector.

It doesn't matter how good your reflexes are - if you've got a terrible mouse you're stuffed. We vividly remember the old days of trying to win games of Counter-Strike 1.6 with a shocking old trackball mouse, so it's great to reflect on how far things have come. Steelseries has been there the whole way, too, iterating and improving all the time so that its users now enjoy intelligent devices that remember their settings and perform impeccably whether wirelessly or with a cable. 

Keyboard warriors

Of course, any PC gamer knows that a great mouse is precisely half of the battle - you need an excellent keyboard to go with it, whether it's brilliant mechanic keys you want or macro buttons to let you fly through complicated commands more quickly. 

Steelseries is also an industry leader in this regard, you won't be shocked to learn. From the start it's been making brilliant mechanical boards, built to such a high spec that "Steelseries" is almost a byword for quality.

Plus, the innovation hasn't stopped, with 2019's OmniPoint mechanical switch revolution letting gamers choose the sensitivity of individual keys to make a board that's truly unique to their exact needs. 

esports glory

When it comes to testing out the mettle of gaming tools, the testimony of real esports competition is as good as it gets - these are the world's best gamers, so you can be confident they put their peripherals through their paces.

That's why it means so much that Steelseries can say pro gamers have won more money using its accessories than any other brand. It's been supporting and working in esports since the very beginning and has come a  long way along with the industry. That legacy is continuing, too, with wins at major tournaments all the time.

There's never been a better time to pick up some Steelseries gear for yourself, too - whether you're an aspiring pro or just a regular joe who's tired of tinny sound, a crappy mouse or unreliable keys, there's gonna be something for you.